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Tuxco Corporation was founded in 1945 by Oscar C. Blomgren Sr. and Carrie Elizabeth Blomgren. As World War II drew to a close, it was an opportune time to start a small company that would be dedicated to manufacturing components for the automotive industry. Chicago, Illinois lent a perfect location for such a business with its proximity to large auto manufacturing companies. Combining Oscar’s manufacturing background as an Engineer At Large for the US Army, and Carrie’s business background from her small family business roots, the core foundation for a successful business began to take foot.


Within a few short years, Tuxco Corporation began to manufacture components for the likes of the largest automotive manufacturers in the United States of America. By the end of the 1940’s, in order to grow and expand into emerging markets, Tuxco Corporation began manufacturing tire service equipment that would be sold to the major tire companies of the world.

In 1951, the second generation of Blomgren family leadership joined Tuxco Corporation with the addition of Oscar C. Blomgren Jr. A recent graduate of Dartmouth College, Oscar Jr. brought new insight on product development and design, as well as business leadership skills that would guide the company through the end of the 20th Century.

Under the leadership of Oscar Jr., Tuxco Corporation would expand into another emerging market with the design and development of a host of tools used in the agricultural service field. Specifically, Tuxco Diesel Fuel Rators, Tuxco Diesel Engine Analyzers, and Tuxco Hydroflators could be found in most farm implement dealers across the country.


1973 brought the third generation of Blomgren family leadership to Tuxco Corporation with the addition of Oscar III. A newly designed product line of Off-The-Road (OTR) Tire Mounting Equipment and Military Ground Support Equipment expanded Tuxco’s product line as well. By the 1000’s, Tuxco continues to produce these quality products to this very day.

During the 1970’s, Tuxco Corporation embarked on another ambitious design and development project, which would result in producing the world’s best known Hydraulic Cylinder Service Equipment. The project was to develop a machine to hydraulically disassemble and reassemble hydraulic cylinders faster, safer, and more profitably than ever. Tuxco’s Hydraulic Cylinder Servicers allowed large equipment dealerships and small independent repair shops, alike, to expand their businesses into servicing large, hard to handle, cumbersome cylinders that they could not service before.

Over the next 35 years, Tuxco continued to improve their patented hydraulic cylinder servicer design, throughout three generational changes with the equipment. From the original 10,000 lb-ft servicers, the line of equipment has evolved into equipment that now can provide up to 60,000 lb-ft of available torque to remove stubborn threaded glands and highly torqued piston retaining nuts, with more than eight different models to fit each individual customers’ needs.

Most recently, Tuxco has added a turnkey Hydraulic Cylinder Tester and Hydraulic Cylinder Washer to their line of Hydraulic Cylinder Service Equipment. A logical progression in the product line, Tuxco Corporation has become the World’s One-Stop-Shop for all of your Hydraulic Cylinder Repair needs! Emerging markets are discovered all the time, but most commonly, Tuxco Equipment can be found in a wide array of businesses such as largest heavy equipment dealerships heavy equipment manufacturers, contractors, highway departments, public utilities, the US military, mining companies and municipal garages.

Exporting internationally for over 35 years, Tuxco is proud to have over 280 equipment installations in 73 countries across the globe, with equipment found on 6 continents.

Tuxco is currently operated by members of the third and fourth generation of the Blomgren family, and is proud of its’ four generation family business heritage, with over 66+ years of manufacturing experience. Oscar and Carrie would both be proud.

Inside Tuxco Corporation

For more than a half century, four generations of our family have designed, patented, and manufactured service tools and equipment to help keep the machinery of industry working. Tuxco's wide array of innovative products includes hydraulic system service equipment, hydraulic off-the-road tire service equipment, and military ground support equipment.

For over 65 years, Tuxco Corporation has proven itself as the industry leader in the equipment repair field. Customers have come to find our high quality, leading edge products, supported by effective technical service resources are unmatched anywhere else in the world. With many years of valuable technical experience, our emphasis on customer service and our well equipped training facility that offers hands-on training, our customers get the product support they have the right to expect.