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Tuxco Corporation is proud to announce our new partnership with Direct Capital Financing.

Direct Capital is a direct lender offering financing up to $150,000, with a term length of 30 days to 84 months, rendering rates as low as 5.46% and instantaneous credit decisions and financing as fast as 1 day.

The main tax advantage of leasing is that you can generally gain the use of an asset with less of an initial expenditure of cash than would be required if you purchased the asset. Apply now to see how you can have a Cylinder Repair Bench for approximately $500 a month.

Several Tuxco customers have already financed through Direct Capital and had a very pleasant experience.

"Financing our Tuxco Hydraulic cylinder Servicer through Direct Capital was a No-Brainer! The application process was quick, approval was instantaneous, rates were ultra-competitive, and the entire process was as seamless as could be. Combine the simple Direct Capital lending process with the advantageous tax benefits of leasing, and it creates a win-win scenario for companies looking to increase their profitability with Tuxco's proven Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Equipment."

Hydraulic Fabrication & Repair

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Inside Tuxco Corporation

For more than a half century, four generations of our family have designed, patented, and manufactured service tools and equipment to help keep the machinery of industry working. Tuxco's wide array of innovative products includes hydraulic system service equipment, hydraulic off-the-road tire service equipment, and military ground support equipment.

For over 65 years, Tuxco Corporation has proven itself as the industry leader in the equipment repair field. Customers have come to find our high quality, leading edge products, supported by effective technical service resources are unmatched anywhere else in the world. With many years of valuable technical experience, our emphasis on customer service and our well equipped training facility that offers hands-on training, our customers get the product support they have the right to expect.