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Return on Investment Kit

By simply entering the (5) pieces of information requested in the GOLD boxes under the heading YOUR SHOP, the worksheet will automatically calculate how FAST you can recover the cost of the equipment you purchase from TUXCO Corporation.


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Hydraulic Cylinder Servicers Parts Breakdowns

HCS-2520 Parts Breakdown
HCS-25-LS Parts Breakdown
HCS-30 Parts Breakdown
HCS-40 Parts Breakdown
HCS-60 Parts Breakdown
HCS-60-L Parts Breakdown

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Equipment Operating Manuals

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Nut Runner Torque Conversions

Torque Calculation

Tuxco Corporationís Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Equipment Weights, Dimensions, and Freight Classes

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Inside Tuxco Corporation

For more than a half century, four generations of our family have designed, patented, and manufactured service tools and equipment to help keep the machinery of industry working. Tuxco's wide array of innovative products includes hydraulic system service equipment, hydraulic off-the-road tire service equipment, and military ground support equipment.

For over 65 years, Tuxco Corporation has proven itself as the industry leader in the equipment repair field. Customers have come to find our high quality, leading edge products, supported by effective technical service resources are unmatched anywhere else in the world. With many years of valuable technical experience, our emphasis on customer service and our well equipped training facility that offers hands-on training, our customers get the product support they have the right to expect.