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RGS-325 Piston Rod Guided Spanner Wrench
RGS-325 Piston Rod Guided Spanner Wrench
RGS-325 Spanner Wrench Front
RGS-325 Spanner Wrench Rear
Pin Holder Slots

When corrosion, cylinder distortion, or thread compounds make threaded cylinder head removal a time consuming job, technicians resort to cutting away the barrel, cutting the gland, torch heating or using a hammer and punch. Now there is a spanner wrench useable in shop or field that makes high torque threaded gland head removal quick, easy and much safer because it won’t slip and it won’t damage the rod, head or its spanner slots or holes.

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The RGS-325 attaches to piston rods from 1.00” to 3.25” in diameter. The piston rod is protected by built-in nylon pads and HDPE rest. A simple adjustment centers the wrench on the head. The appropriate slot or pin dies engage the head and follow it out as it is unscrewed.

If you are tired of time consuming struggles with threaded cylinder head glands, the unique, new RGS-325 will make life a lot easier. And if you are tired of broken spanners, slipping chain wrenches and damaged threaded glands, the tool room quality RGS-325 will end the problems for good. It is heat treated to RC 52 for maximum strength.

Maximum Capacity Rod Diameter3.25 in. (82.55 mm)
Maximum Capacity Cylinder Barrel Diameter9.0 in. (228.6 mm)
Minimum Capacity Rod Diameter1.0 in. (25.4 mm)
Spanner Holes/SlotsWill Accommodate In Both Front & Side of Gland
Spanner Holes/Slots ConfigurationEither 90° or 120° Configurations
Spanner Pin Material4140 (RC 52)
Spanner Sizes (Pins).1875 in. (4.76 mm) / .250 in. (6.35 mm) / .3125 in. (7.94 mm) / .375 in. (9.53 mm) / .4375 in. (11.11 mm)
Spanner Sizes (Slots).250 in. (6.35 mm) / .375 in. (9.53 mm) / .500 in. (12.7 mm)
PDF FILE ICON RGS-325 Piston Rod Guided Spanner Wrench Brochure