Every business is different, all have different needs. Some shops service cylinders infrequently while others make it their primary business. Instead of taking a product and forcing it to fit your business – Tuxco understands that different shops need different models, each with unique features so that one is just right for you.

You may choose advanced models with high productivity features – like automatic hydraulic functions – or you may decide the lower-priced manual models, with slower speeds, are adequate for your business. Whatever Tuxco cylinder servicer you select, you will have the security of knowing that Tuxco’s 74 years of experience guarantees safer, more profitable, high integrity repairs. Our proven products paired with our exceptional product support will help you build customer loyalty for your business for years to come.

Service Equipment

HCS-40 Bench

Hydraulic Cylinder Service Equipment

Repair hydraulic cylinders faster, safer and more profitable than ever with a Tuxco Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer.

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HEPP 100M Portable Track Press

Portable Track Press / Master Pin Pusher

Tuxco Corporation is the sole authorized distributor of HEMS Limited for their full line of Portable Track Press / Master Pin Pushers in the USA & Canada, designed for safe removal and installation of track pins, bushings, and master bushings on tracked heavy equipment.

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RGS-325 Piston Rod Guided Spanner Wrench

Hydraulic Cylinder Field Service Tools

Tools for repairing hydraulic cylinders in the field.

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TC-60 Hydraulic Tire Constrictor

Hydraulic Tire Constrictors

With wheel on the vehicle or off, in a vertical or horizontal position, hydraulic power seats both beads simultaneously to make inflation quicker and easier.

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AF-5 Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid Filler and Bleeder

Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid Filler / Bleeder

Eliminate air and condensation contact with sensitive hydraulic brake fluids while performing maintenance on aircraft.

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Testing Equipment

HCT-3000 Hydraulic Cylinder Tester

Hydraulic Cylinder Testing Equipment

The high volume, high pressure hydraulic system and precise controls and gauges of the HCT-3000 Hydraulic Cylinder Tester provide a high speed testing capability.

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Washing Equipment

CBW-300 Hydraulic Cylinder Washer

Hydraulic Cylinder Washing Equipment

Wash, clean, and send all repaired and refurbished hydraulic cylinders back into service contaminant-free with the Tuxco CBW-300 Cylinder Barrel Washer.

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“With the new Tuxco bench we’ve been able to handle larger cylinders, expand our repair capabilities, and better service our customers.”

– Stacy Smith, Blanchard Machinery