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Hydraulic Cylinder Washing Equipment

CBW-300 Cylinder Barrel Washer

Dirt and honing debris are every hydraulic systems' worst enemies. Tuxco's CBW-300 Cylinder Washer guarantees that cylinders will be contaminant free when they are reassembled and reinstalled into the field.

The CBW-300 uses rotating pressure spray nozzles and rotating brushes to make repaired cylinders factory clean. A powerful 12 GPM diaphragm pump that flushes out all the debris quickly. Two sets of brushes handle cylinders with from 4 to 13 1/2" bores.

Cleaning solution, dirt and debris don't go down the drain. The effluent exits the cylinder under a splash guard to keep the work area clean and dry. It then passes through 25 micron filter bags that cleans the solution, returning it to the Washer tank for reuse. A second filter stack will filter the solution down to 3 microns. Debris is trapped by the filter bags and disposed of with the shop's dry waste. It's a system designed for maximum productivity and to help avoid OSHA and EPA violations.

The unit operates 100% off of compressed shop air.

70 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Equipped with Heavy-Duty Casters
12 GPM Diaphragm Pump (Require Only Compressed Air for Operation)
Collapsible, See-Through Splash Shield
Removable Catch Basin For Easy Cleaning
Set of Two 25 Micron Filter Bags for Catch Basin
3 Micron Spin-On Filter for Recirculation System
Visual Contamination Indicator for Recirculation System
Cylinder Stand with Hold Downs
Q.D. Equipped Solvent Hose Assembly
Rotating Nozzle Head and Brush Holder
Set of Six 6 Bristle Brushes (Replacement is Tuxco Item No. 11658)
Air Powered, Variable Speed Brush and Nozzle Drive Unit
Flushing Adapter for Cleaning Built-In Plumbing and Manifolds
6, 10, and 12 Extension Shafts
CBW-300 Cylinder Barrel Washer Brochure

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