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I hope all is well with you this morning. I'm not sure if Jeff or anyone else has contacted you but I just wanted to send a special "Thank you" to you and your family for providing us with our new addition ~ The Tuxco Machine. It was such an exciting day on Friday! When I arrived at 7:00 that morning the truck driver was still asleep in the parking lot. He was such a nice person and made the whole delivery / unloading process very delightful. We all felt like kids on Christmas morning when the wrapper was removed from the machine! We done our first cylinders yesterday morning and what a delight the guys felt when they realized they wouldn't be breaking their backs anymore! This is going to help our shop out in so many ways.

Danielle C.
H & H Hydraulics, LLC

The pleasure is all mine, thanks for the great service. Not many companies in the US providing this type service today!

John H.
Worldwide Service & Supply Co.

Hydraulic Component Services, Inc.

Dennis R.
Hydraulic Component Services, Inc.

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